Inglese - Italiano - assist pronuncia
v. aiutare, assistere; collaborare, dare il proprio aiuto
Inglese - Tedesco - assist pronuncia
v. helfen, behilflich sein
Tedesco - Inglese - assist pronuncia
v. aid, help
Inglese - Inglese - assist pronuncia
v. aid, help
n. help, aid, assist
Inglese - Francese - assist pronuncia
v. assister, aider; venir en aide
Inglese - Portoghese - assist pronuncia
v. assistir; ajudar; socorrer
Inglese - Russo - assist pronuncia
г. ассистировать, помогать, содействовать, принимать участие; присутствовать
Inglese - Spagnolo - assist pronuncia
v. ayudar, acudir en ayuda de, asistir, atender, auxiliar, cuidar, dar asistencia a, dar ayuda a, echar una mano a, prestar ayuda a, prestar servicio, socorrer; concurrir, estar presente, personarse
Inglese - Turco - assist pronuncia
f. yardım etmek, yardımcı olmak, desteklemek; hazır bulunmak
i. yardım, sayı yaptırma (takım)
Inglese - Albanese - assist pronuncia
v. ndihmoj, asistoj, marr pjesë, dorë: kam dorë
Inglese - Olandese - assist pronuncia
ww. helpen, bijstaan
Inglese - Greco - assist pronuncia
ρήμ. βοηθώ
Inglese - Cinese - assist pronuncia
(动) 协助, 帮助; 支持, 促进; 协助, 帮助; 出席, 到场; 参加
Inglese - Cinese - assist pronuncia
(動) 協助, 幫助; 支持, 促進; 協助, 幫助; 出席, 到場; 參加
Inglese - Giapponese - assist pronuncia
(動) 手伝う; 手助けする
Inglese - Coreano - assist pronuncia
동. 거들다, 돕다
noun: (sports) the act of enabling another player to make a good play
noun: the activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose Example:He gave me an assist with the housework.
verb: act as an assistant in a subordinate or supportive function
verb: give help or assistance; be of service
verb: work for or be a servant to Example:Is a salesperson assisting you?.
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aid: favour, foster, nourish, uphold, back, sustain, abet
Present participle: assisting
Present: assist (3.person: assists)
Past: assisted
Future: will assist
Present conditional: would assist
Present Perfect: have assisted (3.person: has assisted)
Past Perfect: had assisted
Future Perfect: will have assisted
Past conditional: would have assisted