Traduzioni di "lease"

Inglese - Italiano - lease

s. (Dir) contratto d'affitto, contratto di locazione; durata dell'affitto, durata della locazione
v. affittare, dare in affitto, locare; prendere in affitto

Inglese - Tedesco - lease

n. Pacht; Miete; Verpachtung; Vermietung; Mietvertrag
v. verpachten, vermieten

Inglese - Inglese - lease

n. contract which gives another the right to use or inhabit a property for a period of time in exchange for rent; period of time during which a lease is valid; property which is contracted to another
v. rent out property for a specified period of time, let; possess or occupy under the terms of a lease
v. read, view written letters and convert them into words which have meaning; convert written letters into spoken words; understand, comprehend; learn; interpret; take

Inglese - Francese - lease

n. fermage; location; affermage, bail à ferme; action de donner à louer; billet de fermage; billet de location
v. affermer; prendre à ferme

Inglese - Indonesiano - lease

n. sewa, penyewaan, sewa-menyewa, pak, kontrak sewa, kesempatan
v. menyewakan, mempersewakan, menyewa

Inglese - Polacco - lease

n. dzierżawa, arenda, wynajem
v. dzierżawić, arendować, wynająć, dzierżawa: wypuszczać w dzierżawę, wynajmować
a. dzierżawny

Inglese - Portoghese - lease

s. arrendamento; aluguel; posse; escritura de posse; escritura de aluguel
v. arrendar; alugar

Inglese - Rumeno - lease

n. arendă, chirie, arendare
v. arenda, închiria

Inglese - Russo - lease

с. аренда, сдача, наем
г. арендовать; скрещивать нити

Inglese - Spagnolo - lease

s. arrendamiento, arriendo, inquilinato, locación
v. arrendar, alquilar, ceder en arriendo, dar en alquiler, dar en arriendo; tomar en alquiler, tomar en arriendo

Inglese - Turco - lease

f. kiralamak
i. kiralama, kira kontratı, kira bedeli

Inglese - Ucraino - lease

n. оренда, оренда: договір про оренду, пасовище, аренда, винаєм, найми
v. оренда: здавати в оренду, оренда: брати в оренду, винаймати, заарендувати

Inglese - Olandese - lease

zn. pacht, pachtcontract; (ver)huur, (ver)huurcontract
ww. pachten; verpachten; huren; verhuren

Inglese - Greco - lease

ουσ. εκμίσθωση, μίσθωση, πάκτωση, ενοικίαση, ενοικιαστήριο
ρήμ. ενοικιάζω

Portoghese - Francese - lease

1. (automóveis) prendre en crédit-bail; louer en crédit-bail
2. (construção) prendre à bail; louer à bail

Inglese - Arabo - lease

‏عقد الإيجار، مدة الإيجار، عقد، مدة التأجير‏
‏إستأجر، أجر منزلا‏

Inglese - Cinese - lease

(名) 租约, 租, 租期
(动) 出租; 租得; 租出

Inglese - Cinese - lease

(名) 租約, 租, 租期
(動) 出租; 租得; 租出

Inglese - Hindi - lease

n. पट्टा
v. पट्टा लेना, पट्टा देना, पट्टे पर देना, पट्टे पर पाना

Inglese - Giapponese - lease

(動) 賃貸しする
(名) 賃貸借契約; 賃貸借期間; 賃貸借契約書

Inglese - Coreano - lease

명. 임대계약; 임대 기간; 임대지
동. 임대하다, 임차하다; 땅을 임대하다, 땅을 임차하다

Inglese - Vietnamita - lease

n. khế ước, giao kèo, tờ cho mướn, hợp đồng cho mướn, giấy thuê nhà, hợp đồng mướn xe, giao kèo mướn bất động sản
v. cho thuê, cho mướn, mướn

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1. rent: charter, let, hire, sublet
2. contract: charter, record
Present participle: leasing
Present: lease (3.person: leases)
Past: leased
Future: will lease
Present conditional: would lease
Present Perfect: have leased (3.person: has leased)
Past Perfect: had leased
Future Perfect: will have leased
Past conditional: would have leased