Inglese - Italiano - lease pronuncia
s. (Dir) contratto d'affitto, contratto di locazione; durata dell'affitto, durata della locazione
v. affittare, dare in affitto, locare; prendere in affitto
Inglese - Tedesco - lease pronuncia
n. Pacht; Miete; Verpachtung; Vermietung; Mietvertrag
v. verpachten, vermieten
Inglese - Inglese - lease pronuncia
n. contract which gives another the right to use or inhabit a property for a period of time in exchange for rent; period of time during which a lease is valid; property which is contracted to another
v. rent out property for a specified period of time, let; possess or occupy under the terms of a lease
v. read, view written letters and convert them into words which have meaning; convert written letters into spoken words; understand, comprehend; learn; interpret; take
Inglese - Francese - lease pronuncia
n. fermage; location; affermage, bail à ferme; action de donner à louer; billet de fermage; billet de location
v. affermer; prendre à ferme
Inglese - Portoghese - lease pronuncia
s. arrendamento; aluguel; posse; escritura de posse; escritura de aluguel
v. arrendar; alugar
Inglese - Russo - lease pronuncia
с. аренда, сдача, наем
г. арендовать; скрещивать нити
Inglese - Spagnolo - lease pronuncia
s. arrendamiento, arriendo, inquilinato, locación
v. arrendar, alquilar, ceder en arriendo, dar en alquiler, dar en arriendo; tomar en alquiler, tomar en arriendo
Inglese - Turco - lease pronuncia
f. kiralamak
i. kiralama, kira kontratı, kira bedeli
Inglese - Olandese - lease pronuncia
zn. pacht, pachtcontract; (ver)huur, (ver)huurcontract
ww. pachten; verpachten; huren; verhuren
Inglese - Greco - lease pronuncia
ουσ. εκμίσθωση, μίσθωση, πάκτωση, ενοικίαση, ενοικιαστήριο
ρήμ. ενοικιάζω
Portoghese - Francese - lease pronuncia
1. (automóveis) prendre en crédit-bail; louer en crédit-bail
2. (construção) prendre à bail; louer à bail
Inglese - Cinese - lease pronuncia
(名) 租约, 租, 租期
(动) 出租; 租得; 租出
Inglese - Cinese - lease pronuncia
(名) 租約, 租, 租期
(動) 出租; 租得; 租出
Inglese - Giapponese - lease pronuncia
(動) 賃貸しする
(名) 賃貸借契約; 賃貸借期間; 賃貸借契約書
Inglese - Coreano - lease pronuncia
명. 임대계약; 임대 기간; 임대지
동. 임대하다, 임차하다; 땅을 임대하다, 땅을 임차하다
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Dictionary Extension
1. rent: charter, let, hire, sublet
2. contract: charter, record
Present participle: leasing
Present: lease (3.person: leases)
Past: leased
Future: will lease
Present conditional: would lease
Present Perfect: have leased (3.person: has leased)
Past Perfect: had leased
Future Perfect: will have leased
Past conditional: would have leased