Inglese - Italiano - thaw pronuncia
s. disgelo; (fig) il diventare più cordiale; distensione
v. sciogliersi, squagliarsi, sgelarsi, disgelarsi; sgelare, disgelare; (fig) diventare più cordiale
Inglese - Tedesco - thaw pronuncia
n. Tauwetter, Tauwetterperiode
v. auftauen; tauen
Inglese - Inglese - thaw pronuncia
n. process of thawing, process of melting; warm spell, period characterized by warm weather; decrease in tension or hostility
v. be defrosted, be softened
Inglese - Francese - thaw pronuncia
n. dégel, fonte naturelle de la glace ou de la neige; détente
v. dégeler, fondre, attiédir, s'amollir, s'attendrir
Inglese - Portoghese - thaw pronuncia
s. degelo
v. derreter, degelar; derreter-se
Inglese - Russo - thaw pronuncia
с. оттепель, таяние, потепление, смягчение международной напряженности
г. таять, согреваться, смягчаться
Inglese - Spagnolo - thaw pronuncia
s. deshielo, derretimiento
v. deshelar, derretir, descongelar; deshelarse, derretirse, descongelarse
Inglese - Turco - thaw pronuncia
f. erimek, buzu çözülmek, açılmak, eritmek, açmak, rahatlatmak
i. erime, buzları çözülme, ısınma, açılma
Inglese - Albanese - thaw pronuncia
n. shkrirje bore, ngrohtësi
v. shkrij, tret, ngrohem
Inglese - Olandese - thaw pronuncia
zn. dooi
ww. ontdooien, smelten
Inglese - Greco - thaw pronuncia
ουσ. λυώσιμο πάγου, τήξη
ρήμ. λυώνω, ξεπαγώνω, τήκομαι, τήκω
Inglese - Cinese - thaw pronuncia
(名) 融化, 解冻; 解冻时期, 解冻季节; 缓和
(动) 融化, 融解; 变暖和; 解冻; 变得随和, 变得融洽, 变得不拘束; 使融化, 使解冻, 使融解; 使变得不拘束, 使融洽
Inglese - Cinese - thaw pronuncia
(名) 融化, 解凍; 解凍時期, 解凍季節; 緩和
(動) 融化, 融解; 變暖和; 解凍; 變得隨和, 變得融洽, 變得不拘束; 使融化, 使解凍, 使融解; 使變得不拘束, 使融洽
Inglese - Giapponese - thaw pronuncia
(動) 解ける; 解凍する; 暖かくなる; 暖まる
(名) 溶ける過程; 雪解け; 温かくなって雪がとける季節; 打ち解けること
Inglese - Coreano - thaw pronuncia
명. 해동, 해빙; 해빙기, 따뜻한 날씨기간; 긴장 또는 적대감이 누그러짐
동. 녹다, 누그러지다, 풀리다
noun: a relaxation or slackening of tensions or reserve; becoming less hostile Example:The thaw between the United States and Russia has led to increased cooperation in world affairs.
noun: warm weather following a freeze; snow and ice melt Example:They welcomed the spring thaw.
noun: the process whereby heat changes something from a solid to a liquid Example:The thawing of a frozen turkey takes several hours.
verb: become or cause to become soft or liquid Example:The ice thawed.
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1. relax: loosen, relent, mollify
2. melt: dissolve, liquefy, warm
Present participle: thawing
Present: thaw (3.person: thaws)
Past: thawed
Future: will thaw
Present conditional: would thaw
Present Perfect: have thawed (3.person: has thawed)
Past Perfect: had thawed
Future Perfect: will have thawed
Past conditional: would have thawed