upright in Polacco

n. stojak, pianino
a. pionowy, stojący, prostopadły, wyprostowany, uczciwy, prawy, sprawiedliwy, zacny, czysty
adv. pionowo, prosto, sztorcem

Frasi Di Esempio

Also, a serious, upright and determined approach will help us overcome the crisis in credibility.
Zatem poważne, uczciwe i zdecydowane podejście pomoże nam pokonać kryzys wiarygodności.
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in a vertical position; not sloping: vertical, unsloped, perpendicular
of animals that are partly erect: vertical, upright, erect
of moral excellence: righteous, good, just
upright in position or posture: standing, passant, orthostatic, semi-erect, semi-climbing, vertical, rearing, straight, unbowed, erect, erectile, attitude, unbent, semi-upright, position, statant, fastigiate, rampant, stand-up, posture
a vertical structural member as a post or stake: shaft, stud, vertical, structural member, column, pillar, goalpost, stile, jamb, scape, post, scantling
a piano with a vertical sounding board: forte-piano, upright piano, pianoforte, spinet, piano

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