youthfully in Ucraino

adv. по-молодому, молодо

Frasi Di Esempio

Voroshilov began to calm down at last, his voice, youthfully resonant and shrill as a young cock's, broke a little . . .
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To our youthfully naive way of thinking, this was the epitome of the arbitrariness and ruthlessness of a particular system.
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And then the youthfully re-tightened vocal cords eliminate the wobbles, tremors, and in some cases, raise the voice an octave.
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So it's got to be somebody who can project a certain amount of world-wizened sophistication, while at the same time retaining a certain youthfully passionate idealism.
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There are many historic houses, churches, theaters, museums and a citadel to see. Behind the youthfully styled facade of our hotel, you will find 77 individual rooms including suites and junior suites located on four floors.
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in a youthful manner