joya in Francese

1. (reloj de pulsera) rubis (m)
2. (joyas) bijou (m)

Frasi Di Esempio

On the list, one of the first names to be announced as elected was the women’s rights activist Malalai Joya.
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The second is that of Malalai Joya, a young, female parliamentarian who, after criticising the power of the warlords in government and parliament, was simply ejected from Parliament.
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One positive aspect is undoubtedly the concern expressed about the fate of Malalai Joya and other activists, but that alone is not sufficient to prevent my delegation from voting against the report.
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In Joya v. PCGG, the petitioners questioned the sale by the PCGG of a part of the Marcos wealth which include a collection of the old masters and silverware on the reasoning that they were historical relics and had cultural significance.
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For now, many ponder on the saying that âone manâ s sorrow is another manâ s joyâ. Mahmoud is one of them.
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Malalai Joya has vociferously denounced the continued oppression of women after the democratic elections.
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Up to a few months ago, nobody talked about brothers Javier al passe Rivera Maradiaga and Devis Leonel Rivera Maradiaga who ran the Joya Grande Zoo in Honduras.
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The Joya spa complex includes jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish vapor bath, gym, massage and hairdressing saloon.
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1. astrágalo
2. flor: fénix
3. alhaja: joyel, presea, alcorcí
4. maravilla: tesoro